Jim Neal stuns James Carville into silence at NC Young Democrats event

This is priceless. Last week at the Young Democrats convention her in NC there was a private reception with Clintonista and DLC tool James Carville and local pols. Blue America-endorsed North Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Jim Neal was there as Mary Matalin’s husband got up to shill for Neal’s opponent and Chuck Schumer/DSCC-backed candidate State Senator Kay Hagan.

Ryan Teague Beckwith at The News & Observer’s Under the Dome has the skinny on what happened, and here’s a great photo of people reacting to the confrontation as Carville was steamrolled into silence by Neal:

Incidentally, Kay Hagan has finally agreed to a BlueNC liveblog; it’s today at 5PM. I have already posted a few LGBT rights-related questions to ask the elusive candidate.