Wrong. Gas costs as much there as in California

The separation of costs between drilling and distributing means the little guys are in the same place as the customers. The profit is all going to the oil companies–>and it always will, no matter how the price of gas changes.

It’s still not the free market working (except in how it trends toward monopolies). If the companies are making record profits, it’s b/c they are charging far more than they need to. They could charge less and make less profit.

Funny how when Clinton was in office and gas prices were breaking the $2 level and moving toward $3, Congress threatened to investigate the oil companies. Funny b/c the prices went down under that threat. With an oil man in office, oil companies know there will be no investigation into their price collusion and war profiteering.

Threaten to expose them and tax the shit out of their war profits? Watch those prices come tumbling down! Of course, it’ll be “blamed” on something else like rebuilt refineries or better practices for “summer gas” but it’s the threat of prosecution and money loss that will really do it.